Confused about where to start?

This FREE Kit includes the following to get you going in the right direction:
  • Cost of Flight Training Worksheet: Figure out what it will cost YOU to get your Private Pilot's Certificate based on your unique situation.  Don't be fooled by the estimates flight schools give you - they are loaded with hidden fees.  
  • Private Pilot Getting Started Checklist: Super easy checklist to follow - broken down by a) things you can do right now for FREE, b) things you can do for under $100, and c) things you can do once you have your financing in place   
  • FAA's Student Pilot Guide: Explains the role of the Student, Instructor, and FAA.  Overall view of the Private Pilot process.
  • Learn To Fly, How to get your Pilot's License with Flying Colors: Good general information for the student pilot.  Includes information on Canada, Australia, and UK flying.
  • FAA's Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge: In depth information on the theory of flight, the airplane and systems, flight instruments, and other information you will need to know to pass the written exam.
  • FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook: In-depth information about the mechanics of HOW to actually fly an airplane.  Valuable information to help you pass the practical exam.
  • Private Pilot Flight Training Syllabus: Easy to use syllabus to take you from 0 hours to Private Pilot.  Includes pre-flight briefing topics.
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